Lights! Camera! Action!

scooter300x300camerabagJust hold your horses! If you’re going to take pictures of me, do it right. Let’s see what you have in the camera bag. Everything looks good. Camera, mini-tripod, extra SD cards, battery charger, USB adapter. Umm-hmmm. What about an umbrella light? Yes, I know it won’t fit in that little bag. I’m asking if you have one. Yes? Oh, so that’s the thing in the closet I keep trying to tip over. Well, if I’d have known it was for me, I wouldn’t have been messing with it. Okay, all we need now is a good backdrop and we’re all set.

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One Response to Lights! Camera! Action!

  1. Charles Huss says:

    Maybe you’d also like a couple of cute, feline models for your next photo shoot. ;)


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