Cat Quake Hat

scooterhardhat400x400After that spate of earthquakes a week ago in central Oklahoma, where the ground moaned and groaned and shook sometimes hourly, management got me this snazzy hard hat. It doesn’t really fit my ears, but I’m ready in case of an emergency. What’s up with Mother Nature? First a solid week of earthquakes. Then five inches of rain in two hours. I could have sworn I saw Noah floating by outside my window yesterday. I also heard something about big solar flares, so I guess I need a nifty set of shades to go with my hard hat. Usually I’m hiding under the bed during the fourth of July, but after the last two weeks a few fireworks don’t even interrupt my nap.

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One Response to Cat Quake Hat

  1. Charles Huss says:

    Nice hat. i hope you won’t need it.


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