My First Mouse


Look what management found hiding in a tote bag: my first mouse toy! Back in 2011 when I was just a few weeks old, I was dumped on a farm porch. Mema and Papa took me in, along with their cat Nancy Drew. They didn’t have any kitten toys on hand at the time, so Mema took this small piece of white rabbit fur and sewed it to look like a tiny mouse. My first mouse! I threw that thing all over the house, around furniture and across people’s laps. I chased it under chairs and behind couches. Then I went to live in my new place with Dave and Terri — or as I call them, maintenance and management. Somewhere in the move my little white mouse was lost. Then tonight, like a miracle, it fell out of a tote bag. Mouse is so tiny, just three inches long. When I was a kitten, it looked so much bigger. But I remembered Mouse. We had a good romp today. I tossed it and chased it. Then fell asleep with it. Management put Mouse in the desk drawer for safe keeping, until I need another good romp with it.

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