Non-Skid Cat Shelf

scooterbuttonbox250x400It’s a cat thing. We leap onto a table or shelf, grabbing with sharp claws but too often winding up on the floor in a heap of fur and fabric. Leap! Skid! Crash! Cat in the floor! Call for TLC! Sound familiar? When management recently brought in this family heirloom, a small wood chest over a hundred years old and affectionately known as “Grandma’s button box,” I immediately claimed the top as my favorite new perch. It has a perfect Scooter-sized surface, and I can look around the corner to see what’s coming down the hallway. It was perfect, except for one thing. I would leap up on the chest and more than half the time slip back onto the floor wrapped in the little table runner. Solution? Management bought this weird rubbery backing that goes on the bottom of rugs to keep them from sliding on tile floors. Turns out it also works great for keeping coverings from sliding off tables and chests and shelves. Now can I leap onto the button box without fear of tumbling back onto the floor. Okay, that’s one problem solved. Next I have to figure out how to open those old wooden drawers. The wood knobs so far are proving cat-resistant, but I’m working on it….

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