A Scooter Halloween

pumpkin2fountain2caterpillar2What in the name of the Headless Horseman is that? Who put a blinking LED light in my pumpkin toy? Halloween 2016 is my fifth birthday, so lose the tricks and let me list the treats! First, I got a snazzy new stainless steel water fountain a few weeks back, because my old one gave up the ghost. I circled the new one for a few days and watched it from afar, just to make sure it didn’t do anything funny. After it passed the smell test, I graciously drank from it and found it to my liking. Kudos on the fountain. Scooter approved. There’s a colorful caterpillar plush toy now stretched across the bottom of the bookcase where I play, so my small toys no longer will roll beneath the shelf where I cannot reach to dig them out. Plus I have a new soft pet blanket for playing, lounging, and emergency cat-comfort during earthquakes. All in all, a pretty good fifth birthday. Happy Halloween!

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