Sneaking up on that calico beast

It’s been a frustrating couple of months. I agreed to allow that calico beast to share my domicile, eat my food, and drink out of my water fountains. [Management bought a second water fountain, so now I have two. Slight bonus there.] The last couple of weeks have seen real improvement in the beast’s general mood. I can walk by without getting my nose bopped — most of the time. And I only hiss and bop her back when she bops me first. Seriously, enough with the nose-bopping! <rolled eyes> For the most part, we’re co-existing well. The other day I even managed to sneak up on her while she was catnapping in the window seat. I sat there quietly until she rolled over and opened her eyes. At that point she came up on her claws and was too startled to hiss. Okay, so maybe I’m a bit of a pest. It is MY house, after all. She can just get over herself.

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