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Feline Persistence

As a good feline hunter, I’m patient and persistent. I’ve been tracking this calico beast through my house for months now. She’s fast as greased lightning and seems to have eyes on the end of her tail. Get too close, … Continue reading

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Sneaking up on that calico beast

It’s been a frustrating couple of months. I agreed to allow that calico beast to share my domicile, eat my food, and drink out of my water fountains. [Management bought a second water fountain, so now I have two. Slight … Continue reading

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A Beast in the Crow’s Nest

Eek! There’s a beast in my crow’s nest! Get it out! Get it out! Get it out! — Oh, for the love of catnip. Now it’s eating my food and drinking from my water fountain. What’s next, pooping in my … Continue reading

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Scooter Holidays 2016

Here’s wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Here I am on my new afghan. Nice bright colors, right? Well, it’s warm, too. Good thing, because the temperature in central Oklahoma got down to 5-degrees (F) the other night. … Continue reading

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A Scooter Halloween

What in the name of the Headless Horseman is that? Who put a blinking LED light in my pumpkin toy? Halloween 2016 is my fifth birthday, so lose the tricks and let me list the treats! First, I got a … Continue reading

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Non-Skid Cat Shelf

It’s a cat thing. We leap onto a table or shelf, grabbing with sharp claws but too often winding up on the floor in a heap of fur and fabric. Leap! Skid! Crash! Cat in the floor! Call for TLC! … Continue reading

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The picture book SCOOTER’S WORLD is available in full color ebook for EPUB and Kindle at just $4.99 or less. Click here to read more about the book and to find all sales links and discount codes…

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My First Mouse

Look what management found hiding in a tote bag: my first mouse toy! Back in 2011 when I was just a few weeks old, I was dumped on a farm porch. Mema and Papa took me in, along with their … Continue reading

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Waiting for Santa

It’s Christmas Eve. Moose and I are waiting patiently for Santa. Here’s wishing all other cats out there a wonderful and safe holiday. Don’t climb the Christmas tree. Don’t eat the tinsel. Stay off the table and out of the … Continue reading

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Birthday Blanket

Here I am belly up on my Halloween birthday (that’s when we celebrate) present for 2015: a deep pile sherpa blanket. There’s a pretty giraffe pattern on the back, but that’s the slick side. I only care about the soft … Continue reading

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