Cat Toys

I have asked management to post FREE instructions on how to make some of my favorite homemade cat toys. Check back soon for more. ~ Scooter


[©2013 Terri Branson]

1: Cut three (3) pieces of crochet yarn at 72″ long (each).*
2: Starting about 3″ (inches) out from the exact middle, braid together the three strands until you have a braided piece in the middle that is about 3″ long.
3: Fold the newly braided part in half to form a loop.
4: Pull together like-colored strands (if you are using multiple colors). Then braid together all strands, pulling as tightly as possible where the join begins at the newly formed loop.
5: Braid all the way to the end. The strands will not come out even, so don’t worry about that.
6: When you have braided as much as you can, stop and tie a double knot about 3″ from the end. Then trim the end even to form a fringe.
7: Next, go to the fur tail. About 1″ from the top of the tail (not the end with the tuft, but the top part) cut a hole just big enough to pull through the string.**
8: Push the loop end of the braided string through the new hole at the top of the fur tail. Then pull the end of the string back “through the loop” and tighten it against the fur tail.

And that’s it. You’re done. You now have a lightweight and safe cat toy. Happy cat-fishing!

* Acrylic #4 worsted weight yarn is recommended for the string, but you can also use cotton threads (just a lot more of them). Also, it is best to use light colors that won’t bleed and avoid all red yarns, as those yarns tend to bleed the most.

** Use a real fur tail not fake fur, because cats can chew through and rip apart man-made fabrics in no time, separating the small artificial hairs from the back bonding. Also, fake furs contain artificial fibers, dyes, and glues. Mink tails work best, but raccoon, weasel, and fox tails also work. You can find real fur tails in the arts and crafts sections of many retailers (locally and online).


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