Crochet Mouse


[©2013 Terri Branson]


* Crochet Yarn [less than 1 Skein needed]
* Crochet Hook [Size G or H best]
* Stuffing [white handkerchief or old sock]

STEP-1:  Crochet a square. The square can be done as a granny square or in double-crochet rows. For a medium-sized mouse, the square should be about 7 inches on each side. For a larger mouse toy, the square should be 9-10 inches per side.

STEP-2:  Either crochet or sew together two adjacent sides (Front-A to Front-B) to form the nose of the mouse. [See chart below]

STEP-3:  Insert the washable stuffing. [A clean white handkerchief works best, but a piece of white cotton or linen will do fine as long as the edges are turned and sewn, otherwise it will fray in washing. An old white sock also works well.]

STEP-4:  Pull up the “back” of the mouse, so that the pointed edge meets the center of the now joined A and B ends. Sew or crochet together the remaining sides, joining C to D and E to F, which makes one seam across the back. [See chart]


HINTS:  See the chart on how to fold up the back of the mouse by matching the “red balls.” If joining the sides is not clear by the instructions and chart, then simply cut a square piece of paper and fold it to see how it works.

OPTIONS: You can crochet ears and tail and whatever else you like on the mouse, after it’s assembled. Or even tie on “whiskers” at the front. Just bear in mind that the toy will be chewed on and probably washed a lot.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Avoid yarn colors that tend to bleed. Light colors are best. Avoid most shades of red as those tend to bleed the most.

WASHING: Be sure that the stuffing is soft and made of something washable. White or light color cotton materials are best. The crochet mouse can be washed in a “lingerie bag” in the laundry with items like towels and socks. Avoid soaps and fabric softeners that contain fragrances, harsh chemicals (no bleach), and dyes.


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