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Feline Persistence

As a good feline hunter, I’m patient and persistent. I’ve been tracking this calico beast through my house for months now. She’s fast as greased lightning and seems to have eyes on the end of her tail. Get too close, … Continue reading

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A Scooter Halloween

What in the name of the Headless Horseman is that? Who put a blinking LED light in my pumpkin toy? Halloween 2016 is my fifth birthday, so lose the tricks and let me list the treats! First, I got a … Continue reading

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Big Cat Smile

You said big cat smile, so here it is. Now take the picture already. My cheeks are getting tired. I don’t know why I’m allowing you to take such an undignified photograph, but get it done before I change my … Continue reading

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Cat’s Always Go Headfirst

Okay, so I like to stick my head in boxes and buckets and holes of all kinds. It’s part of my feline job description to go at everything headfirst. Fortunately, management knows this and tries to remove all potentially dangerous … Continue reading

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I found it this way. Really I did. Best I can figure it was one of those freaky indoor tornadoes. I do live in central Oklahoma, after all. Tornadoes can pop up anytime of the year. But inside tornadoes? Well, … Continue reading

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Tunnel Trickery

If management believes this blue carpeted play tunnel makes up for giving me a dog bowl to drink out of, well, they can just think again.  Okay, it is a cool tunnel and tough enough for climbing and playing.  I … Continue reading

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Water Bowl Insult

Wait a mousing minute here!  Is that a dog bowl?  Seriously, a dog bowl?  A DOG BOWL!  It can’t be.  I was hoping for a fancy garden fountain with water flowing from an elegant lion’s mouth.  And maybe some LED … Continue reading

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Water Dispenser Incident

My long battle with the water dispenser ended in disaster the other morning when I decided to take a bite out of the canister.  As it turns out, plastic water canisters are not meant to have fang holes punched in … Continue reading

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Hello World!

Scooter the Cat here.  Trying to figure out this new blog-thing.  Now if I can just get that pesky laser mouse to cooperate….

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