Birthday Blanket

scooter600x600bdblanket2015Here I am belly up on my Halloween birthday (that’s when we celebrate) present for 2015: a deep pile sherpa blanket. There’s a pretty giraffe pattern on the back, but that’s the slick side. I only care about the soft side. I would get up to show you more of the blanket, but honestly I’m just too comfy to bother. Take my word for it. It’s a warm, snuggly blanket and here just in time for the cooler days of fall. Now, shoo! You’re interrupting my nap.

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I’ll Sleep Where I Choose

scooterschair450x400I’ll sleep wherever I catwell choose. I’m not moving. Don’t ask again. You got up to get more of that nasty coffee stuff, so I claimed this nice warm seat. I’m a big boy, and this nice office chair with the backrest pillow and soft beach towel (nice touch on the beach towel) are super comfy. So, nope. Not moving.  Go get that wooden chair by the piano. This seat is mine for the afternoon.

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Cat Quake Defense

quakedefenselineI tried my best to wake up management around noon. She was up working late on the computer and still abed around 12:30 PM. So I scuttled under the covers (not an easy task for a cat of my size) and swam around under the covers a bit to wake her up. All I got was “good boy” and a pat on the back. Stayed under the covers for a few minutes. Then got out and quickly built my earthquake defense line. Then I waited in the hallway. At 1:12 PM (central standard time) there was a 4.5-magnitude quake (shallow depth just under 2-miles) about fifty miles or so north of my house. Well, I tried to tell them. But would they listen? No! Just snored away. At least “I” was on the ball. Pay attention when I scream at the ceiling, burrow under covers, set up stuffed animal defense lines. I can hear things that humans cannot. Heed my cat quake cues!

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Cat Quake Hat

scooterhardhat400x400After that spate of earthquakes a week ago in central Oklahoma, where the ground moaned and groaned and shook sometimes hourly, management got me this snazzy hard hat. It doesn’t really fit my ears, but I’m ready in case of an emergency. What’s up with Mother Nature? First a solid week of earthquakes. Then five inches of rain in two hours. I could have sworn I saw Noah floating by outside my window yesterday. I also heard something about big solar flares, so I guess I need a nifty set of shades to go with my hard hat. Usually I’m hiding under the bed during the fourth of July, but after the last two weeks a few fireworks don’t even interrupt my nap.

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Feline Photo Op

scooter20150620photohelperAha! I’ve been looking for the perfect place all day to pick my back feet. Management set up this nice soft fabric for some kind of photo thing and it’s just perfect. Yep, just the right amount of room for the task at hand. Now, let’s get to work on that pesky back claw. — Oh, I’m sorry. Wasn’t this set up for me to pick my feet?

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Feline Fountain Fiasco

scooter600x400fountainfixI tried to be good. I really did. For a few months I enjoyed the new water fountain with nary a misstep. Didn’t try to bite it. Didn’t throw food in it. But the other day curiosity got the better of me. I’m a cat. Curiosity is what I do. So in a fit of curiosity I pried the water reservoir off the fountain and tossed it into the middle of the room. Yes, I said tossed. Launched that puppy like a discus! It was a throw worthy of an Olympic medal. Instead of being praised for my excellent tossing skills, I got yelled at for (a) dismantling the water fountain and (b) spilling water all over the carpet. What’s the big deal? Isn’t carpet like fur? It dries, right? <shrug> After the totally-uncalled-for scolding, the fountain disappeared for two whole days and was replaced with — oh, the horror — the dog bowl! <hisss> But as you can see in the photo, the fountain is back but now has industrial strength Velcro on the sides to prevent me from removing the water reservoir. For the moment, I’ve decided to be the bigger cat and not complain, as long as the fountain stays where it is. Can I peel off the industrial strength Velcro? Time will tell. Time will tell….

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A Very Scooter Christmas

scooter600x400xmasockWhat did Santa bring me for Christmas in this snazzy new stocking with my name embroidered on it? I was a very good boy this year. Didn’t make any huge messes. Cooperated with the new water fountain. In fact, I spend a lot of time dunking my face in the fountain stream. That’s what it’s for, right? I’ve doled out lots of kisses and hugs. I’ve played pillow for afternoon naps and helped management get exercise in the evening by playing with me. Yep, I’ve been a good boy, so get out of the way and let’s see what Santa put in my stocking!

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Turkey Day Daze

catsnooze400x400Although I did not get any “people food” from the Thanksgiving Day table (not for want of trying), I just cannot seem to keep my eyes open. Is it possible to feel an empathic post-turkey dinner drowsiness?

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Trick or Treat Birthday

scooter400x400waterfountain1This is my birthday present? My birthday is Halloween, October 31st, so is this supposed to be a trick or a treat? I don’t know about this. It has a fountain, which is neat, but I’m not sure about that blue light. What’s that for? Let me read the booklet. It’s an ultra-violet (UV) light that is supposed to sanitize the water. Well, as long as it doesn’t do anything funny, we’ll get along fine. This water dispenser is so compact and made out of such strong plastic, that I’m not sure how I’m going to put fang holes in it. Hmm… The pretty blue light is growing on me, though. Okay, I’ll get acquainted with this water fountain. If there’s a way to put my fangs in it, I’m sure I’ll find it.

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Stuck in the Bucket

scooter300x300buckethead1Did I just hear the camera click? Oh, no you didn’t! Don’t you dare post that on the web! I mean it. Just wait ’til I get this thing off my head. <shake-shake-shake> Okay, little help here….

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