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Scooter’s World discount paperback at Lulu

Now get the color paperback edition of the children’s picture book SCOOTER’S WORLD by Terri Branson for just $8.99 at Lulu alongside the color hardback edition. | Read about the book… | Go to Lulu… | Advertisements

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Sneaking up on that calico beast

It’s been a frustrating couple of months. I agreed to allow that calico beast to share my domicile, eat my food, and drink out of my water fountains. [Management bought a second water fountain, so now I have two. Slight … Continue reading

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A Beast in the Crow’s Nest

Eek! There’s a beast in my crow’s nest! Get it out! Get it out! Get it out! — Oh, for the love of catnip. Now it’s eating my food and drinking from my water fountain. What’s next, pooping in my … Continue reading

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Non-Skid Cat Shelf

It’s a cat thing. We leap onto a table or shelf, grabbing with sharp claws but too often winding up on the floor in a heap of fur and fabric. Leap! Skid! Crash! Cat in the floor! Call for TLC! … Continue reading

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The picture book SCOOTER’S WORLD is available in full color ebook for EPUB and Kindle at just $4.99 or less. Click here to read more about the book and to find all sales links and discount codes…

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Stuck in the Bucket

Did I just hear the camera click? Oh, no you didn’t! Don’t you dare post that on the web! I mean it. Just wait ’til I get this thing off my head. <shake-shake-shake> Okay, little help here….

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Disputed Cat Territory

Someone put these nice soft jeans on my nap shelf, so I laid across them and claimed them. They’re mine now. All soft and warm on my mini-tower shelf. Yes, they are a great addition. Purrfect! — Wait. You want … Continue reading

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Cat Cube Conundrum

For what teeny tiny cats was this play cube made? I can get my head through the holes, but getting all of me inside this little cat cave is a bit of a conundrum. I dive through and go rolling … Continue reading

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Catnapping with Friends

If you’re going to take a really deep afternoon catnap, it’s best to do so with friends keeping watch. There’s a dragon guarding my back. An owl keeping watch over my belly. A panther, cheetah, cougar keeping everyone awake on … Continue reading

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Cat Bath ala Scooter

You missed a spot down on my back. Closer to the tail. Yes! That’s it! How I do love a good spray water bath. This surprises you? Oh, I love water. I have even been known to jump into the … Continue reading

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